Manaaki Skate Programme Reviews

Skating with a group of like-minded women has been awesome! This programme has built my confidence skating, taught me new skills and was heaps of fun! Thankyou.

- Dani.B

The Manaaki Skate Course has given me so much more than just skateboarding skills, I've gained self confidence, a new passion I can share with my family and it's been fun. The online courses are easy to follow at your own pace and the support has been amazing! Thanks Gina and the Wellness riders team x

- Jo S

I absolutley loved the programme! I have gained confidence in my skateboarding that I would never have otherwise. Such an epic group of wāhine who are so supportive and fun! I'm so sad its over!! :(.

- Jennifer

I really enjoyed how the course focused on skateboarding from a holistic perspective. I really appreciated how it addressed the barriers that I felt about skateboarding like what I looked like (especially wearing safety gear- now I rock it!) or doing something wrong (the course was great at affirming there is no right and wrong, it's all about enjoyment). I also liked how in the videos you showed the move, then went over it slowly, and then showed it (in real time) again - a very helpful way of learning.

It really helped progress my surfing which was awesome to see! But mostly, my biggest achievement was gaining confidence in my ability to skate. I have so much fun when I get out there :)

I'm really enjoying skating, have way more confidence now and am excited to continue.

- Anna

I’ve found the videos so helpful in breaking down how to skateboard into bite size chunks. Just knowing the foundations like posture, foot position and how to start/stop really helped me to have more confidence as I was a bit nervous starting out. I’ve found the program to be really easy to use and delivered in an upbeat and engaging way while remaining concise and informative. The video format is great because if you forget something you just go back and watch again.

- Hannah W

If you want to connect with wonderful like-minded woman and gain confidence to enjoy skateboarding this program is highly recommended.

- Sarah

The Manaaki Skate 6 week learn to skate program is broken down perfectly at a pace where you can build up your skills week to week in a positive and empowering way for women. Each week after listening to Gina’s positive and supportive words instantly encourages you to hop back on your skateboard and keep at it. Gina was always just an email away to answer any questions and has continued to support me afterwards and connected me to the Manaaki Skate Facebook group. Gina is more than a skate teacher, she is a coach, and has helped me gain a whole heap more than skating ; I have made a new friend, connected with an old friend, have an awesome hobbie to share with my fiancé and baby boy when he grows older and learnt a lot about myself on my skate boarding journey.

- Denee S

I feel so grateful to have found the Manaaki Skate program and Gina. The online skate videos are  easy to follow, everything is broken down into manageable steps for progression and I like the reflection time to think about my unique skate journey. I have been so touched by Gina’s support.  She is a very special coach. Caring, inspiring and super motivating. I’ve learnt to go at my own pace, to take off the pressure and focus on having fun. I feel strong, happy and connected when I am out skateboarding. Thank you!!!

- Robyn Y

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