The Manaaki Motu Team are passionate about empowering females to move past any fears and feel empowered through skateboarding.

We provide FUN FILLED programmes that aim to help females to live life to the fullest as female skateboarders, be connected to a like-minded community and experience a deeper appreciation for being in flow with their skateboard.

Come and join the Manaaki Motu community!

Gina Reed

Manaaki Motu Director

Gina started teaching wāhine to skateboard in 2016. Her personal passion for how skateboarding supports her wellbeing is what drives her to share it with others.

Cleo Hood

Manaaki Kōtiro Manager (Girls Programmes)

Cleo's friendly and easy going nature will put you at ease when learning something new. She enjoys both skateboarding and surfing and has been coaching with Manaaki Motu for the last few years.

Teesh Yang

Lead Skateboard Coach

Coaching since 2016, Teesh is an experienced and kind skateboard instructor. Her passion for dancing and longboarding makes her an elegant skateboarder, keen to share her skills with you. She’s also a BIG advocate for making safety gear sexy!

Daniel Jochems

Lead Skateboard Coach

Daniel is great at sharing his passion for skateboarding. He is able to break down the learning process to bite sized pieces to ensure your success. His kind and friendly nature will put you at ease when learning something new.

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