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Manaaki Motu

Manaaki Skate - Our Signature Programne

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What does the program involve?

6 Comprehensive Coaching Modules

Weekly Email Support & Coaching

Access To Private Manaaki Skate Group.

Special Invites To Online & In-Person Skate Events

The Modules

Module One: Feel Safe & Stable On Your Board

Learn how the right equipment will set you up for success

Understand the steps you need to take to feel balanced on your board

Step by step guide to skateboarding along a flat area in a safe way.

Module Two: Setting Skateboarding Journey Goals & Intentions

Learn how to set goals and intentions that suit you

Creating a skate reflection journal

Understand the positive impacts of writing things down

Creating accountability with other wāhine

Module Three: Flowing and Turning On Your Skateboard

Step by step guide to make turns on your skateboard

The importance of flow and being in tune with your board

Learn how to foot brake

How to skateboard within your limits and keep it fun

Module Four: Positive Affirmations & Connecting with Your Breath

The power of positive affirmations

Understanding common limiting beliefs and how to overcome them

Learning how to use belly breathing to let in the good vibes.

Module Five: Building Confidence Skating From A-B

Learn tips for going down slopes

Learn two ways to go over cracks, bumps & rough road

-Skateboard from A-B, Cruising Tour

Module Six: Connecting with yourself, others and the environment

Reflection Session on the positive impacts of learning to skateboard

Understanding the importance of community and support to keep consistent

Simple ways you can be a role model for yourself and other wāhine

Using karakia (prayer) to connect

Are you ready to make your skateboarding dreams a reality but you don't want to do it ALONE or you just don't know where to start?

Come learn with a supportive crew of women just like you. I will teach you everything I know and how to implement skateboarding into your everyday life to become a confident female skateboarder and ultimately have a more joyful and fun-filled life.

Nowadays skateboarding can be anything you would like it to be. For most women, we are not looking to injure ourselves, we are looking to have a bit more fun and to feel empowered through skateboarding.

Cruiser/ Longboard Skateboarding which is taught in this program is a great option for this and is very low risk.

This course supports women starting their skateboarding journey to feel CONFIDENT & full of FREEDOM cruising on a skateboard?

At the end of the 6 Week Program you will feel empowered to live life to the full as a female skateboarder, be connected to a like-minded crew and experience a deeper appreciation for being in flow with your skateboard.

Skateboarding fundamentals skills are taught to make you feel confident in your technique, so you know you are on the right path. We teach a system to help you stay consistent on your journey, bringing more fun and joy to your life. As well as simple but effective practises to ensure self doubt and limiting beliefs don't hinder your success.

Being Maori, Gina has based this course around Manaakitanga, the act of taking care or looking after. Learning to skateboard as a woman is a form of self love, its a time for you to learn something new and build upon a creative outlet to help you feel in flow with life.