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Kia Ora & Welcome to Manaaki Motu! We are passionate about empowering females to move past their fears as we teach them to skateboard.

Start your journey with us & join the Manaaki Motu community.

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Manaaki Skate Programmes

Our Online Course and In-Person Programmes support women starting their skateboarding journey to feel CONFIDENT & full of FREEDOM cruising on a skateboard.

The FUN FILLED programmes will have you feeling empowered to live life to the fullest as a female skateboarder, be connected to like-minded women and experience a deeper appreciation for being in flow with your skateboard.

Our Coaching Programmes

Free Hauora Skate Course

Kickstart your skateboarding well-being journey. This course shares some of our best coaching and information to help you feel empowered while learning to skateboard.

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