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Do you crave ‘me time’? Do you want to do something for yourself? Do you need help taking that first brave step? Then this is the course for you! x

The FREE Hauora Skate Course will help you to:
- Release your fears and doubts around skateboarding
- Create an empowered mindset by learning the skills to become an awesome skateboarding wāhine (woman)
- Move from ‘nervous or unsure’, to ‘ready and confident’

What You Will Learn:

Over the course of three lessons delivered straight to your inbox (plus some special bonus goodies!), you will learn:
Lesson 1
- How to find your WHY! What will keep you motivated to learn to skate?
- How you can overcome any limiting or negative thoughts
Lesson 2
- Our tried and tested formula to reduce fear and falls
Lesson 3
- How to integrate skateboarding into your life in simple and easy ways that won’t meaning adding another thing to your to do list!
- What equipment is right for you (including equipment discounts)

- Exclusive offer for coaching discounts with Manaaki Motu
- Free eBook diving deeper into mindset and overcoming limiting beliefs

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"Look back in a few years’ time and be proud of yourself for saying YES to beginning your skateboarding journey."

When I first started skateboarding, I was an adult with lots of limiting beliefs and insecurities that slowed my enjoyment and progress down significantly. By being persistent over the years I figured out how to overcome my limiting thoughts and have made skateboarding a consistent activity in my life. I’m so happy that I did the work!

In this FREE Hauora Skate Course, I will be sharing how I overcame my insecurities, and how you can too. I have taught these skills and mindset approaches to hundreds of wāhine, and it’s the best feeling ever seeing wāhine transport themselves from an anxious learner to full of stoke enjoying her skate journey.

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Arohanui | Big love
Gina and the Manaaki Motu team.

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Meet Your Coach

Gina Reed, founder of Manaaki Motu is a passionate board sports lover. Her experience as a skateboard and snowboard instructor, personal trainer, and yoga teacher makes her a great coach when learning to skateboard for the first time. She is kind, empathetic, and full of care and joy. Since 2016 Gina has taught hundreds of wāhine to skateboard and she knows how overwhelming learning can be. Gina will work with you to remove any kind of anxiety you may feel, and help you focus on small achievable steps which will set you up for success and fun.