What equipment will I need to participant in the course?

Your will need a skateboard, preferably a cruiser board or a longboard. If you do not have one see the skateboards on the Wellness Riders store any of the boards listed will work well for learning. You will need protective gear and a helmet, these are also on the store if you do not have your own.

When can I start the course?

The courses run every 3 months with 4 launches each year. You will also get weekly coaching calls for the duration of the 6 week course.

Do I get coaching calls?

Yes! We run weekly coaching call during the 6 week course

What platform is the course content hosted on?

The course is hosted on Thinkific an online course platform. Our highly-practical and uplifting videos will guide you through the beginner steps of your holistic skateboarding journey. Step-by-step exercises and worksheets in PDF form will help you can implement everything you learn in the training videos.

Is there a facebook group?

Yes there is a facebook group where you can share your progress with other wāhine (women) on the course with you.

Are there any in person lessons?

No. The program uses interactive video lessons and weekly challenges to support your learning. You will be connected to our facebook group where you can connect with other Manaaki Skate Wāhine (women) and you will have access to coaching calls. As well as special invites to in-person and online skate events hosted by Manaaki Motu.

What is the time commitment?

Each module is around 30mins of video coaching. Your practice time is up to you and it really depends on what works for your lifestyle. You can keep your practice short and sweet or leisurely and long. Think of it as time you are taking for yourself to invest in your well-being. You also have lifetime access to the lessons so you can review them as you please.

Am I too old to participate?

No way! This course has been designed for adult women in mind so this is for you. However anyone can participate.

Why is the price $249?

The price takes into consideration you will have access to the equivalent of 6 private lessons with me and 12 group coaching calls. The cost of a private lesson is around $70 and $30 for a group lesson, so already we are at a value of around $780 and you will have access to additional coaching via email or the Facebook group. So because of the magic of the internet, I am able to coach multiple members at once meaning the rates I charged can be less, providing you with great value for money in supporting you to achieve your skate well-being goals.

Can I get a refund?

 Yes, we have a money back guarantee for the first two weeks of the course. If you find it is not for you get in touch and we will organise the refund.