Skateboard Wheels For Cruising

What skateboard wheels should a beginner get?


There are two factors to consider in choosing wheels for your first skateboard. The size of the wheel and its hardness.

Choosing the right wheels for your skateboard is important. Because the wheel is the part that will make you move and determines how fast you will go. This is also based on where you skateboard, what kind of skateboarding you do, and what kind of skateboard you have. If you are a beginner this guide will help you find the perfect wheels!

Skateboard wheels can be measured by diameter and durometer or the hardness of the wheels.

What size of wheels should you ride?

Smaller skateboarding wheels result in a slower ride and are suitable for skating in skate parks with smooth concrete.

Bigger wheels have a greater surface area which makes roll faster and retains speeds better, especially on rough surfaces.

If you’re a beginner you should look for larger wheels because it is more stable and it is perfect for cruising.

Another factor to consider is the hardness of the wheels.

Wheel hardness is measured in a durometer. They are measured on an "A" Scale which is a 100 point scale that determines how soft or firm a wheel is. The hardness of the wheel ranges between 75a to 104a.

Low durometer wheels are softer and high durometer are harder.

Softer wheels offer comfort and provide a smooth ride. It is best for cruising, transportation, and longboarding.

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