Reasons Why Skateboarding Is So Fun

Skateboarding makes me so alive and free!
There are so many fun activities in the world....
But for me skateboarding is one of the most enjoyable and fun activities.
Skateboarding caught my attention early in my life. I loved watching people skate. But I was afraid to start doing it because everyone I saw seemed to be an expert.
It wasn't until I met a friend in university, who invited me to go for a skate with her that I started doing my childhood dream.
The fear I felt to try on my own was gone as I had a friend to do it with. It felt so good and I was very excited.
I wasn't expert at first but I had an instant feeling that I wanted to do more of this.
✨I loved the feeling of freedom as I flowed on the board.
✨I felt so alive.
✨I absolutely fell in love with it as I could skate in most places and I have met new friends because of it.
How about you? How you started your skateboarding journey yet?
Or are you still watching from the sidelines of skateparks or skate spots, thinking of the barriers that stops you from doing it?
Here's a few reason why you should say "yes" to chasing your dream to skateboard.


Skateboard Woman
Skateboarding Woman
Skateboarding Woman
Skateboarding Woman
Skateboarding Woman

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Arohanui Big Love, 


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