Low Risk Skateboarding For Women

✨Who said skateboarding is just for guys???


✨Women are realising how much joy and freedom skateboarding brings to life 🙌! And are all over it 😉🙌💗

✨No longer is skateboarding only seen as this EXTREME activity only for guys and being willing to fall over and over again until you learn the new trick is a requirement.

✨There are many facets to skateboarding and yes skateboarding can look pretty extreme sometimes but it doesn’t have to be.

✨Now days skateboarding can be anything you would like it to be.

✨For most women, we are not looking to injure ourselves 😅we are looking to have a bit more fun and to feel empowered through skateboarding. Cruiser Skateboarding is a great option for this and is very low risk ✨!

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Big Love,


Gina x


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