How To Overcome The Fear Of Hurting Yourself Skateboarding


 How To Overcome The Fear Of Hurting Yourself Skateboarding


💗TAKE THINGS SLOW : As the saying goes slow and steady wins the race. This is my recommendation when learning to skateboard especially if you are anxious about hurting yourself. You may feel you just want to get to the end result straight away but when it comes to skateboarding this is when things can go wrong, like practising on a hilly area when you are first starting out would not be so fun and make it way harder. Set yourself up for success and take your time to learn the basics before you push yourself to try something new.


💗ITS OK TO SAY NO: Imagine you are taking a lesson or skating with friends and they ask you to so something you don’t feel is in your skateboarding abilities yet and you feel scared to do it. This is the time when I want you to feel ok to say no to doing it. You need to trust yourself and choose what is right for you to do, only you know. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing, you do you. People can feel pressured to try something before they are ready and this can lead to injuries. So feel comfortable saying no and keep taking small steps that feel good to you. Skate within your ability.


💗GET A COACH: So you are wanting to learn something new on the board, make sure you get coaching and advice on how to do it and learn the small steps (progression) to get you there. This will help you not only to learn the skill faster but prevent unnecessary falls and make you feel more confident doing the movements instead of just going for it and hoping for the best :)!


💗WEAR THE SAFETY GEAR: Ok so safety gear gets a bad wrap as “uncool” or whatever but as one of my friends says “safety gear is sexy” and its so amazing. It saves you from scraps and bruises and lessens any injuries if you do have a fall. I love it, it also makes you feel so much more confident when you are trying something new or just want to be assured that if you do have a fall you are going to be protected. So go out there and wear it with PRIDE sis!


💗A fear of hurting yourself is such a common feeling for women learning to skateboard but the risks can be managed and it doesn’t need to be so scary. Try these tips out and let me know what you think about them and your thoughts on overcoming your fears in learning to skateboard.


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Big Love,


Gina x

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