How To Keep The Learning Process Fun

👉AFFIRM: I skateboard for fun. The more I skateboard the more fun I will have and the more comfortable and confident I will become.
🌸It’s unrealistic to expect perfection from yourself when you are learning new things. Unfortunately we do sometimes and it can stop us from persevering and continuing to learn new things.
✨When I was starting out I had felt like I needed to be an expert if I was going to skate in public, especially if I was going to go to the skate park and be around other skateboarders. Having thoughts like this put so much pressure on me as I felt like I had to be perfect at skateboarding which is really hard when you’re learning, actually kind of impossible.
🌸Skateboarding is a skill that takes time to learn. Over the years this belief that I needed to be super technical and do lots of tricks to skateboard held me back from skateboarding at times. After a while however I got tired of the restrictions I was putting on myself and started saying to myself, as long as you are having fun that is all that matters. I then started taking my skateboard more places, for my commute to work, as a way to hang out with my friends, and into the skateparks as I love cruising on the smooth concrete and going over the bumps.
🌸So now this is what I do, I have realised that I dont desire to be perfect at skateboarding really I desire to have more fun, so I’m going to come off my board at times but that really doesn’t matter as long as I am having fun I am on the right path.
✨I encourage you to take the pressure off yourself too and give yourself the space to learn and have fun.

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