How To Get Over The Fear Of Learning To Skateboard

Getting started in skateboarding can be scary.
✨You could be afraid to fall, get hurt and afraid to fail. But it is more frustrating to just give up and not to try.
If it is your dream, chase it!
✨Have patience, and keep trying again and again. Remember that, failure is the first step towards success.
✨Also keep in mind that skateboarding is not about who can do the best tricks, it is about the feeling while doing it.
Watch my video chatting about feeling pressure to do tricks while skateboarding and how I overcome those feelings and choose to realise any feelings of pressure to be "good' or "look cool" and just have fun.

When I was starting out the more I gave my focus to having fun, the less pressure I put on myself and the more I skateboarded. This is what has worked for me and I encourage you to do the same if you find yourself doubting your abilities.

If you would like some help on your journey I am here to support, see more details of the Manaaki Skate Course Here.

Arohanui Big Love, 


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