Cherishing Yourself Through Skateboarding

Cherishing Yourself Through Skateboarding 
✨Learning to skateboard is a time for you, a time to get active and clear your mind of any worries as you make time for fun.
✨You have decided to set your mind to learning something new, and every time you skateboard it reinforces to yourself you can do anything you set your mind to. You feel empowered!

Simple Ways to Embrace Your Skateboarding Journey with Love

1.Take small steps that you are comfortable with. Learn at your own pace and focus on fun.

2.Set yourself up for success and attend a lesson or seek beginner skateboarding tips online.

3.Find like minded people or ask a friend/family to practise with you, its more fun together.

4.Affirm how awesome you are & after each skate say to yourself what you are proud of yourself for.

5.Take note of how you feel before and after you skate.

If you would like some help on your journey I am here to support, see more details of the Manaaki Skate Course Here.

Arohanui Big Love, 


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